You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are taking a course at a local college. The deadline for your project was last week but you haven't finished it.

Write a letter to your lecturer. In your letter

·         introduce yourself

·         explain why you haven't handed in the project yet

·         request more time to do it.

Write at least 150 words.



Dear Ms. McKeen,

My name is Leo Smith and I am a first-year student in your Marketing class at Capilano College. I am writing to you because I have a problem with the project you set about social media. The due date was last week but I'm afraid I haven't finished it yet. As you know, I have been absent from class for almost ten days with COVID-19 symptoms and I have not been attending lectures. I only managed to get the reading list from a friend and go to the library to do research yesterday. You will see from your records that I have never missed a deadline for an assignment so far during my course.

However, I am requesting an extension of one week in this case because I am so behind with my work. I hope you will take my illness into consideration and grant me an extension.

Yours sincerely,
Leo Smith

(155 words)